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Generally speaking, the cost of a funnel ranges between $5k and $50k.

The key factors are:

a)  The type of funnel (e.g. webinar, product launch, etc.)

b)  Which tasks you are going to do vs. have done for you

For example, who's going to design the funnel?

Who's writing the sales copy?

That alone makes huge difference.

So here are 5 steps to nail down exactly how much a funnel will cost:

1.  Choose the type of funnel you want.

(For example:  Webinar, Product Launch, Inbound, etc.)

2.  Map out the key steps (see example below)

3.  List the skills and technology necessary to build out each step.

4.  Decide what tasks you will do and what your provider will do.

5.  Show your map and plan to a few different providers and ask for a quote.


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The tech stack depends on the type of funnel.

A podcast funnel, for instance, requires different tools than a webinar funnel.

But at a high level, here are the top seven tools:

1.  Funnel Automation Software -- to create web pages, forms, online content

E.g. HubSpot, Marketo, Clickfunnels

2.  Online Payment Platform -- to make it easy for customers to purchase from you

E.g. Stripe,, Braintree

3.  Email Marketing Tool -- for autoresponders and broadcast emails 

E.g. AWeber, Active Campaign, Drip

4.  Calendar Tool --  to book meetings with customers and prospects online

E.g. Calendly, TimeTrade, Book Like a Boss

5.  CRM -- for managing contact information and deal flows

E.g. Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho

6.  Online Meeting Platform -- for conducting video calls and teleconferences

E.g.  Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx

7.  Video Editing & Publishing -- for creating sales and marketing videos

Editing:  Camtasia, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro

Publishing:  Wistia, Vimeo, YouTube  


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Funnel hacking is based on the principle that the quickest and easiest path to success is to model what works.

Basically, there are four steps:

1.  Find the best funnels 

2.  Study their underlying patterns and frameworks

3.  Modify them to suit your own product or service

4.  Apply the funnel to your business

By modeling funnels that already proven to work, you can shortcut the learning curve and time to results.

If you need a source of successful funnels to model, check out the new B2B Digital Funnel Library.

It's the largest collection of proven funnels for B2B sales and marketing -- inducing maps, frameworks, and case studies.

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